Elpoepia Small Business Support Services


Elpoepia is the ‘one-stop shop’ for the small business professional. We are a consulting group that has expanded into specialized services toward the small business. Often a small business will not succeed because it fails to recognize the need for an organized approach to its support activities such as bookkeeping, marketing and office management.
Elpoepia understands the ‘economies of scale’ for the small business.  Large businesses hire top quality people to perform the same repetitive tasks and they earn their money because there is a high quantity of work to be done.
Small businesses need top quality work at an affordable price.  Elpoepia has applied the ABC method of accounting towards its pricing. ABC is Activity Based Costing and we can charge you for only what you need or choose to use.  We also can offer package deals that can be based on a more traditional approach.
We help our customers by being their support staff. We assist with the business administration while they focus on their business, whatever it may be.
From the moment of inception, Elpoepia can begin assisting the entrepreneur with business planning, organization, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, website development, and marketing.
Elpoepia will give your business the personal touch it deserves by assigning your business its consultant to help you decide what you want and how much you can do by yourself.
Contact us for more information, discuss your needs and get a price quote.

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